Seneca Learning Parents Help Guide

What is Seneca?

Seneca is a free online learning platform that students can use to help them study a wide range of subjects. The courses are linked to the exam boards used by the subjects they study and Seneca can learn the strengths and weaknesses of students and use this in the questions that it asks.
Seneca presents learners with an animation, card or video based upon the topic that the learner is studying. It then asks them questions that relate to the card. It also gives learners quizzes and end of topic tests to better assess their current understanding.
Students access Seneca using their school email and a password they set up. They must input an email of a parent or carer at the time of sign up. The sign-up details are held by Seneca and not by school.Teachers can see the data produced by the students, and use this to further support students with their learning.

How can my child sign up to Seneca?
For most learners, they have already signed up to Seneca at school, however, if this is not the case they can do so using the following instructions.


    1. Using a web browser, go to and select ‘Sign Up’ in the top right hand corner.


2. Enter required sign up information, tick I agree to Terms and Conditions and click ‘Sign up’.

3. Students will need to enter a class code, given to them by their teacher in order to join a class. They will have a ‘dashboard’ that will look like this, and will need to click ‘join class’ to enter the code:

After this, students will be able to access their homework, but also the rest of their courses and take any part of it they wish.