RSHE and Personal Development Curriculum


At OLSC we are committed to ensuring all students leave us as well-rounded
individuals, with the skills, knowledge and social awareness that is needed to
succeed within the world today. The world can create some challenging obstacles
that students will have to overcome on their own. Through our RSHE and Personal
Development Curriculum, which incorporates Catholic Curriculum, RSHE, Character
Development, Equality and Global Citizenship, students are given a neutral
environment where potential challenges can be explored and solutions given, as well
as skills they can then use in other circumstances when they arise.
We also want to encourage students to ‘emulate the love of Christ and become the
people God created’ them to be, to celebrate who they are and their journey so far.
We will acknowledge the rich diversity of different cultures within our school
community and their many successes along the way.

At OLSC all students will follow a planned and tailored RSHE and Personal
Development Curriculum to suit the needs of every student which supports, guides
and encourages them through the various stages of their school career. It is
delivered by passionate and well-trained staff who have our students' needs at the
heart of all they do. Each session will build upon prior knowledge and give students
the opportunity to practice what they have learnt within that session. Students will
engage in various activities allowing them to voice their opinions and explore current
topics in society. It will also be a chance for students to become more understanding
as to what it means by ‘Safety’, by considering the cultural context of our Academy
and also in the virtual world. RSHE and Personal Development will give students the
opportunity to teach each other about their beliefs and cultural practices through
Culture Days, and Interfaith weeks. We shall celebrate key events in history for all
cultures and religions and ensure students are aware of their meaning and
significance to the allocated community.

After completing the RSHE and Personal Curriculum students will have the ability to
succeed in their future goals, having developed their employability skills, learnt a
variety of ways to cope with various situations, become resilient, independent
learners and recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle to allow them to flourish
and become the person God wants them to be.


Progress Map