Mr C Durkin

Head of Middle School

Mrs K Mason

Deputy Head of School

Mrs D Boucher

Behaviour and Welfare Mentor

As Head of middle School my aim is to ensure that students in the middle school will succeed and have the correct focus to help them develop in to confident resilient students who have the skills to excel in the upper school and in life. I always feel that when a student’s understands themselves fully it helps them to make better decisions on what they will pursue as a career. Year 8 is the year in which our students choose which options they will go on to study at GCSE, level 2. As a result in house time students will have careers lessons designed to get students to focus on their key strengths and what careers these strengths might lend themselves to in the future. In year 9 we continue this work and shift to focus on key employment skills like how to construct a CV. Careers wise, the focus is on which of the five routes at the end of year 11 they will follow and what they need to do to be ready to take this route. Coupled to this we have visits from numerous employers to talk about different career journeys and a pastoral team that is second to non to ensure that your child’s time in middle school is time well spent.

Ms D Boucher is the behaviour and Welfare Mentor for Middle School, Mrs Boucher also checks middle School attendance, supports in lessons and is often the first port of contact for parents with any concerns. Students always go to Ms Boucher for any concerns they need to discuss and she does her very best to solve them. The Middle school offices is situated by the Dining Hall.

Safeguarding is a priority for the whole school. Each school within a school team has designated staff who actively manage the safeguarding systems for the school. In middle school this role is taken by Mrs R Ray and Miss I Witton. Any parents who have a safeguarding concern or if there is an issue regarding wellbeing of a student then these two members of staff will capably ensure that it is taken care of.

Middle School Vision

“When you get the who am I?” question right all of your “What I should do?” questions tend to take care of themselves.

Richard Rhor

My vision for the middle school is to develop young minds who know who they are and where they are going. Numerate, Literate, well behaved polite students who are prepared and equipped for the challenges of upper school and beyond.

Consistently Good behaviour… Highly numerate and Literate Students… Prepared and equipped for life!

CLAS ( Curriculum enrichment)

House Tutor time

During House tutor time we have very clear expectations. The very experienced tutor team help our students to develop there numeracy, literacy and career knowledge and skills. Below is this years timetable showing what activities students will do in form on which day. As a catholic school we always start each day with a prayer and the sign of the cross.

Monday Literacy
Tuesday Numeracy
Wednesday Reading
Thursday Careers
Friday Spellings


Intervention Activities

All students will receive targeted support in line with their individual needs.  This will include a combination of the following:

Intervention Activity Planned Date Lead
SEN student – small group support Wednesday morning weekly JB/SA
Peer Mentor Training November onwards RW/KM
Year 8 Glider project September onwards BB/CD
Year 9 tenner challenge February 2020 CD
Year 9 Curriculum vitae workshop March 2020 CD
Middle School Christmas Quiz December CD/KM
CLAS October – July BB/KM/CD
Bronze Duke of Edinburgh new intake November 2019 CD/SW/RA/ZM
Duke of Edinburgh’s expeditions Bronze March 2020/ Silver July 2020. CD/SW/RA/ZM
Careers Fair July 2020 CD
Visiting speakers September onwards CD
Sailing Visit (Year 9) July RH/CD


In the Spring term Year 8 students will be asked to pick their options to develop their Level 2 learning pathways. More information will be shared on this nearer the time about the different options available. All students must continue to study Mathematics, English, Combined Science, Core PE and Religious education. Students will then be asked to pick three other subjects from a range of option subjects to complete their choices. The blocks of subjects for choice A, B and C will be published in the spring term each year and discussed at a parental engagement evening where staff will be available to talk to about potential options.


Duke of Edinburgh’s award

Students in year 9 have the opportunity to complete a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s award. The scheme is run after school and asks students to volunteer, work on a skill, do some physical training and complete a two day expedition. Each section can be completed between 3 – 6 months and can run simultaneously throughout the year. The award is nationally recognised and makes students stand out from the crowd on job or college applications. Students can then complete the silver award if they wish.


Build a glider challenge

Each year a group of middle school students complete a competition to construct a glider. They attend a competition in October at RAF Cosford. This event is usually enjoyed by all participants.

Sailing Visit

For the last four years approximately 20 students from year 9 have attended a sailing visit which sails from Plymouth around locations on the south coast. Full of memorable experiences this is aimed at students as an intervention to develop team working skills and self-confidence. The visit lasts for one week.

Sports Clubs

There are a variety of sports clubs and everts which happen throughout the year. Sports clubs usually run from 3.30 to 4.30pm and fixtures are usually completed by 5pm. As a sports specialist college students can access a wide range of activities. These also contribute to the physical component of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award.

Peer Mentoring

Students in year 8 and 9 get the opportunity to train as peer mentors. Peer mentors may help others with reading, writing and numeracy skills as well as acting as a big brother or sister to younger students to support them as part of the school community.


Students also benefit in middle school from regular assemblies which discuss numerous topics to help students develop their moral and spiritual compass.

Student interventions

In addition to peer mentoring students have access to an in school counsellor or mentoring via BASE 25. These qualified counsellors or mentors help students with a wide range of issues. This is a great help to many students and can be accessed on a case by case basis via the school team.