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OLSC Homepage

Getting Started

Important Information

Times of the School Day

House Time 08:45 09:15
Period 1 09:15 10:30
Break 10:30 10:50
Period 2 10:50 12:05
Period 3 12:05 13:20
Lunch 13:20 14:00
Period 4 14:00 15:10

Uniform Reminder

As the winter arrives, please be reminded that pupils should be wearing suitable, waterproof school shoes (leather or leather look).  Coats should be worn that are dark in colour.  Please do not wear leather (or leather look), denim or hoodies. Any queries, please contact school for advice.

Reporting an Absence

Parents are asked to contact the school on the first day of the student’s absence, early in the morning. A text will be sent out to the parents asking for an update of the situation if we do not receive notification. They are asked to follow up any absence with a letter on the student’s return to school to enable us to clear any outstanding absences.

To contact the school please phone on:

01902 558271

Snow Line

Any emergency closure information will be listed on the website, you can also listen to the following radio stations to be updated.

• 95.6 FM BBC Radio WM
• 97.2 FM Free Radio
• 102.2 FM Galaxy Radio
• 100.7 FM Heart
• 107 FM Signal 107
• 101.8 FM WCR



Calendar Dates

Thursday 03/05/18 Year 8 Parents’ Evening
Monday 07/05/18 May Day Bank Holiday
Thursday 17/05/18 Year 9 Parents’ Evening
Monday 28/05/18 to Friday 01/06/18 Half Term Break

(Sixth Form Pilgrimage to Lourdes)

Thursday 21/06/18 Year 7 Parents’ Evening
Friday    22/06/18 Staff Training Day – no students in school (except those students sitting an examination)
Monday 25/06/18 to Friday 29/06/18 National Sports Week
Monday 02/07/18 to Friday 06/07/18 Year 10 Work Experience
Tuesday 17/07/18 and Wednesday 18/07/18 Reward Visits
Friday 20/07/18

(Break up at 1:00 pm)   

Break up for the summer holiday 

Students return in September as follows:

Wednesday 05/09/18 Year 7 and Sixth Form students only
Thursday 06/09/18 All Years

For Information dates of Open Evenings and Open Morning:

Thursday 13/09/18           Open Evening                    6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Saturday 29/09/18           Open Morning                   10:00 am to 12 Noon

Thursday 04/10/18           Open Evening                    6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


School Term Dates

Term Time 4th September 2017 to 20th October 2017
Half Term 23rd October 2017 to 27th October 2017
Term Time 30th October 2017 to 20th December 2017

Term Time 2nd January 2018 to 16th February 2018
Half Term 19th February 2018 to 23th February 2018
Term Time 26th February 2018 to 28th March 2018
Bank Holidays 30th March 2018 2nd April 2018

Term Time 16th April 2018 to 25th May 2018
Half Term 28th May 2018 to 1st June 2018
Term Time 4th June 2018 to 20th July 2018
Bank Holidays 7th May 2018 28th May 2018

Term Time 3rd September 2018 to 26th October 2018
Half Term 29th October 2018 to 2nd November 2018
Term Time 6th November 2018 to 21st December 2018
Bank Holidays n/a n/a

Online Safety Resources

A Parents Guide to Cyber Bullying
A Parents Guide to Cybersecurity
A Parents Guide to Dealing with Sexting
A Parents Guide to Facebook
A Parents Guide to Instagram
A Parents Guide to Snapchat
The Hacking of Snapchatsaved
Keeping Young Children Safe Online
Digital Universe – Blocking
Digital Universe – Privacy on Social Networks
Young People and Social Networking Sites

Admissions Information

Admission Arrangments 2019 – 2020
Admissions Evidence Form
Admissions Policy 2019 – 2020
Admissions Policy
Admissions Arrangements 2018-19
Admissions Arrangements Supporting Information Form
Appeal Application and Information
Admissions Appeal Timetable
Wolverhampton Council School Admissions Booklet 2017/18

Parental Letters

Parental Letter – December 2018
Parental Letter – Election of Parent Govenor Results
Parental Letter – Election of Parent Govenor
Parental Letter – July 2018
Parental Letter – MAC Merge
Parental Letter – April 2018
Ofsted Inspection Letter – March 2018
PPE Exam Revision – 29th Jan 2018
Year 9 Parental Engagement Booklet
Behavior Logs
Parental Letter – Christmas 2017
Year 11 – Revision
Ofsted Section 48 Summary
Bus time table 2017
UTC Letter
Proposed Expansion
Academy Committee Parent Respresentative
Parental Letter – Yr9,10 and 11 Drama
Parental Letter – Public Health Letter
Seasonal Flu information Leaflet
Parental Letter – Changes to Cashless Catering
Parental Letter – Spring Travel Passes
Parental Letter – Revision and Transport
Parental Letter – Travel Pass System
Parental Letter – Year 11 Revision Timetable
Parental Letter – September 2016
School Bus Travel Cost – July 2016
Parental Letter – July 2016
SchoolCal Letter
Year 9 Parental Engagement Evening
Parental Representative Election Letter
Sexual Reproduction Education Letter
Dates for 2016
Year 11 Review Day Letter
Year 10 Engagement Evening

Other Vital Information

OLSC Results
Prospectus 2018-19
Ofsted – Parent View
School and college performance tables
Free School Meals – Application Form

Report Opinions/Good News

Report Inappropriate ICT Use

Help Keep Your Children Safe Online

E-Safety Guide

Think U Know - CEOP

Protect Yourself Online

Know It All Resources - OLSC

Report to CEOP

Report to Child Exploitation and Online Protection - OLSC