29 September 2020

The winners of the 2020 Catholic Young Writer Award are:

Elizabeth McAllister of Mayfield School, East Sussex

Vyvian Ogenna Okoro of Our Lady and St Chad Academy, Wolverhampton

They share a joint cash prize of £50 (£25 each) plus book prizes and commemorative cups. The Award was launched over twenty years ago by the Catholic Writers’ Guild of England and Wales and as the numbers of schools involved expanded, it was taken over by the Catholic Union Charitable Trust. This year, participants were invited to write about the importance of attending Sunday Mass and were expected to show evidence of having studied the relevant Scriptures and sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

National Thank A Teacher Day Campaign

18 May 2020

We are promoting the National Thank A Teacher Day Campaign, on behalf of The Teaching Awards Trust, which takes place 20 May.

Do you have a STAR teacher? Do you miss seeing them every day? Thank A Teacher Day let’s students take the opportunity to say thank you to all the amazing teachers and support staff, who are doing a star job each and every day.

It’s so easy to say thank you. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Everything needs to be filmed/photographed in portrait

  2. Videos should be short and snappy, ideally 30 seconds

  3. Intro your video with who you are thanking and why

  4. Tell us your school and teacher’s name

  5. Email to [email protected] or WhatsAPP on 07958 106058

For more ideas, resources and information how to take part please see the website:

Job Opportunities

5 May 2020

Hello Parents/Carers,

I hope you are all well and staying safe at this time.  Please see below some information on local job vacancies that may interest you or members of your family.  WolvesWorkbox is a local website that has lots of support tools to support members of the public into work.  Please be mindful of the closing dates for these opportunities, they do vary.  Hope it helps someone.  Also for information Wolverhampton College are offering FREE online courses to anyone over 19 years old, see more details below.

Kind regards


Weekly Reward Show 12

3 July 2020

Weekly Reward Show 8

5 June 2020

Weekly Reward Show 5

15 May 2020

Weekly Reward Show 4

5 May 2020

We hope our extended OLSC family is safe and well. Well done to all students and families who have taken part in the learning activities.

We like to show some of the excellent work students have completed. It is fantastic.

Weekly Reward Show 2

20 February 2020

Weekly Reward Show 1

13 February 2020