Multi-Academy Company Policies and Statements

Asset Control Policy
Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy
Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Procurement and Tendering Policy
Investment Policy
Scheme of Financial Delegation
Risk Management Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Pope John XXIII Catholic Multi Academy Company – Trustees Report and Financial Statements for the period ending 31/8/2015
Register of Business Interests for OLSC Academy Reps 2017-18
Supplemental Funding Agreement OLSC
Master Funding Agreement Pope John XXIII MAC
Scheme of Delegation
OLSC Attendance of Representatives 2016-7
MAC Governance Arrangements 2017-18
Trustees’ Report And Financial Statements 2016
Trustees’ Report And Financial Statements 2017
Register of Business Intrest 2018-19
Attendance of Representatives 2017-18
Governance Arrangements 2018-19