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Our Academy is now using Show My Homework. Show My Homework is an online homework management system.

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The Accelerated Reader programme is aimed at motivating students to read by guiding them to books suitable for their reading level. Students work at their individual level, developing confidence and becoming independent readers. After reading each book, students then take a quiz to determine their comprehension of the book. The quizzes inform the teaching staff about areas for development within individual students’ reading and students receive merits as they progress.

OLSC Accelerated Reader

SAM Learning Available - OLSC


Our Academy is now using SchoolCal. SchoolCal is an easy to use communication platform to connect with parents.

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SAM Learning Available - OLSC


GCSEPod are the only publisher to provide in-depth online subject knowledge for 20+ GCSE subjects: every exam board and 150 different specifications. They are committed to a real time publishing programme to ensure we keep up-to-date with all changes. They are the only resource with a 25,000 strong dynamic Question Bank. This is backed up with the auto-identification of knowledge gaps and the provision of learning to fill them.

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MyMaths is a web based testing site purely for maths, it is a subscription based site for schools and is used in over 70 countries by around 4 million students to practise maths, it provides the widest topic coverage of any single maths learning resource with millions of students using their auto-marked homework system and targeted booster Packs every week. In the UK over 80% of secondary schools use MyMaths to help students consolidate and practise their mathematical skills, raise achievement levels, and ensure they do their very best in assessments including GCSE and A level. Student login details are in their diaries.

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Student Information

Expected Performance

All pupils are working towards achieving 8 GCSE grades A*-C including English and Maths.

Expected Attendance

The expected attendance for students is 97%.

Uniform Reminder

As the Winter arrives, please be reminded that pupils should be wearing suitable school shoes that are waterproof (leather or leather look).  Coats should be worn that are dark in colour.  Please do not wear leather (or leather look), denim or hoodies.  Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact school for advice.

Times of the School Day

Registration 8.55 AM 9.15 AM 20 Mins
Lesson 1 9.15 AM 10.30 AM 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Break 10.30 AM 10.50 AM 20 Minutes
Lesson 2 10.50 AM 12.05 AM 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Lesson 3 12.05 PM 1.20 PM 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Lunch 1.20 PM 2.00 PM 40 Minutes
Lesson 4 2.00 PM 3.10 PM 1 hour 15 Minutes

*NB there will be no bell at 9.10 AM to allow assembly to be uninterrupted.

Summer Tasks

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Old Exam Results/Certificates

If you are a former student who left school after 2009 we will have records of your exam results in school. Please contact us to see if we are able to help you with a copy of your records (01902 558250).

If you did not attend Presentation Evening in the year after you left school then your certificates will be held for 6 years. After that they are destroyed as per Exam Board regulations. You will need to contact the exam boards directly and pay for them to produce replacements for you.

If you left school before 2009 then unfortunately,  we no longer have your results information in school. You will need to contact the main four exams boards which are AQA, OCR, Pearson and WJEC and ask them if they hold any records for you.

You will find the following website useful:>Replacement Exam Certificate Site

Antisocial Reporting

Report Any Form of Bullying

Report Inappropriate ICT Use

Stay Safe Online

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