At Our Lady & St Chad Catholic Sports College, all professionals strive to cater for the many and varied needs of all the students in our care. Each student is treated as an individual and receive specialist support to match their needs. The SEN Department circulates all relevant information to staff at the beginning of the academic year in relation to a student’s needs and Stage of Assessment on the Code of Practice. Information is updated on a regular basis and all pertinent changes are shared with staff. All staff are involved in the identification of students with additional needs in their mainstream classroom and appropriate assessments are then carried out by the SEN Department to determine the level of support. This may involve a referral to the Local Authority for a statutory assessment to be carried out.

Each Curriculum Area has responsibility for:

  • determining procedures for School Action identification

  • provision for needs of School Action Students by planning appropriately differentiated lessons

  • evaluation of progress of School Action Students in their teaching groups

The SEN Department policy reflects the current practices required by the SEN Code of Practice and other legislation, such as the 2013 Equality Act. The support provided for students at School Action Plus or students with a Statement is often supplemented by additional external agencies. Some of these include:

  • Local Authority support

  • MAST support, including behaviour support and Educational Psychologist Service

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

  • Physical and Sensory Team

  • Speech and Language Therapy Service

  • Westcroft Outreach Service

  • Connexions

  • School Nurse

  • School Counsellor

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) within the department are deployed to support in lessons according to the requirements as outlined in a student’s Statement of Educational Needs. They are allocated to work within each Curriculum Area of the school and liaise with teaching staff in order to produce appropriately differentiated resources. In addition, they also lead on small group interventions for students with a focus on literacy, numeracy and social skills. The ‘Bright Sparks’ facility provides wonderful accommodation to support students with additional needs whether they are learning, emotional, social or behavioural needs.

Meet the team:

  • Mrs. K. McLachlan – LSA

  • Mrs. R. Ray – LSA

  • Mrs. C. Shepherd – in‐class support LSA

  • Mrs. D. Boucher – in‐class support LSA

  • Mrs. R. Coombs – Assistant Headteacher SENDCo

  • Mrs. J. Bartlett – DSEN Administration Officer

  • Mrs. J. Matthews – Literacy HLTA