Knife Crime Awareness

Children face all sorts of pressures and it may be that your child is in contact with friends who carry knives.

The chances are your child has talked about knives with friends or heard a story about the kid who carried a knife. Whilst many young people do not carry knives – it is still a conversation worth having with your child. You have a role to play in helping your child make the right choice on this subject. If there is one person your child will listen to, it’s you. They respect you more than you think.

At the Academy we know how important the safety of your children are. The attached leaflet holds practical advice for parents/carers on what they can do to reduce the likelihood of a child carrying a knife. The leaflet aims to give some pointers on what to look for, how to raise the subject and who to contact if you need more help.

All students in the Academy will receive an assembly this month as part of the West Midlands police Knife Crime Awareness.

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To keep your child safe and ensure their well-being, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our links with you and keep everyone up-to-date and well informed. As sending written information home is sometimes unreliable, we have Schoolcal; an electronic school communication system. This will enable you to receive all your information from school quickly and reliably.

You will:

  • Receive letters more reliably and promptly
  • See letters in your inbox like any other email
  • Get a short text or app message if we need to contact you urgently
  • Still get paper letters if you don’t have email
  • Not need to rely on your child for delivery

We can:

  • Send more letters and information
  • Save on admin time, printing and paper
  • Contact you urgently when necessary

Next steps:

If you have not received an invite code please email L Craig at [email protected] to request one.

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