Home / school coach travel

Urgent action required…


home-school-travel-passParents are reminded that a travel pass is now required for all pupils who wish to make use of the home to school coach service.

Friday the 16th September will be the last day pupils will be allowed to travel without presenting a valid travel pass.

We currently have only a small number of tickets remaining for this term and these will be supplied on a first come first served basis. Therefore if your child requires a travel pass your urgent action is required to avoid disappointment.

 To order your home / school travel pass

Passes can be purchased on-line by clicking here.

Alternatively, passes can be ordered via the school finance office on 01902 551589 and arrangements can be made to pay in installments via ParentPay.

If you have any queries regarding this letter or need assistance please feel free to contact the finance office using the number above.


Yours faithfully



Simon Williams
Academy Business Manager

Moving to a cashless environment within school

Mandatory Requirement for all parents.


parent-pay-round-logoAs you will be aware, via the introduction of ParentPay, we have extended the choice of payment methods parents can use to pay for additional items such as school meals, uniform, travel expenses etc. This introduction has proven popular with parents and the feedback we have received suggests that most parents find this a more convenient way to pay.
We are now in a position where the majority of transactions are received through ParentPay and the amount of students paying for school meals with cash via our automated money collection machines is reducing.

The introduction of new £5 and £10 polymere banknotes has forced us to review our existing infrastructure as our current money collection machines will not accept this new type of banknote. To upgrade our systems would require significant investment, using money that we would prefer to spend on educating our pupils.

Having reviewed various options, we have come to the decision that it is now necessary that we ask all parents who are still providing cash to their children to pay for school meals, to now switch to using ParentPay.

This does note mean that you can no longer use cash to make payments…

paypoint-logoOpening a ParentPay account is free of charge and is easy to set up. ParentPay offers a range of payment methods including debit card, credit card, pre-paid cards and also cash.
For parents who prefer to pay by cash, we can arrange for a PayPoint card to be issued that will link to your ParentPay account. This will enable cash payments to be made through the PayPoint retailer network.

Letters will be sent out today to all parents who are not currently registered with ParentPay. This letter will include a unique user code and password that will enable you to set up your account via visiting www.parentpay.com.

If you do not have access to the internet or would prefer to use a PayPoint card, please contact our Finance Team for assistance on 01902 551589.

We believe these changes will not only enable us to operate more efficiently, they will also offer an improved parent and pupil experience and safer school environment.

Yours faithfully

Mr. S Williams
Academy Business Manager