Year 10; Statistics Success

After a classroom suggestion by a student, top set Year 10 were presented with the opportunity to study Statistics GCSE.  A group of students enthusiastically accepted and we began the ambitious six month journey.  In order to cover the syllabus, the group attended after school classes every week plus extra days during the Easter and Christmas holidays.  Every week, at the end of the day, the students would rush to the lesson.  They dedicated themselves to every element of the course – both the coursework and exam preparation.

The student’s title for their coursework this year was ‘Games and Puzzles’.  They investigated different games and presented them to each other to test and decide on the limitations of each.  Their hypothesis ideas were innovative, including researching the impact of reward on how quickly a student could complete a puzzle.   They managed to create a production line so that they were able to get every year 10 pupil to play their games and have a go at their puzzles.  The group collected hundreds of bits data and used it to produce excellent coursework.   When it came to revising, their commitment continued!

These students were amazing and ensured they got any support that they needed to succeed in Statistics.  There were times when it felt hard through the six months but the group showed grit and determination to succeed.

Their commitments and effort s paid off on results day in August, they achieved 100% A* to B, with 58% A*/A.

Some students are now talking about wanting to do further Statistics after GCSE.

An immensely rewarding experience for their teacher too!